Click once not updating

Click Once doesn’t move gracefully between these environments.Often, moving an application from one environment to the next means tweaks to the Config files.Once you have created this, you can drop it in the bootstrappers folder.

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Click Once forces you to put both in the same URL, which is limiting when it comes to reorganisation, and also it can mean you have to put the metadata on the CDN too, and CDNs don't often like files that update in-place. ** None of these are deal-breakers in their own right, but combined with everything else they’re worth mentioning: * You can’t choose where to install the product - Click Once chooses an esoteric location for you * Click Once’s reliance on the logged in user means you can’t install once for everyone on a PC, or distribute a bulk install as admin * No offline installer - while you can zip up the deployment it didn’t work for everyone So, all these things have been building up , tempered with workarounds but nevertheless a constant thorn in our side.

There’s not much (anything) you can do about the multiple installs, unless you make your application web-only, but you can at least guarantee that they are all running the same version.

The trick here is a two-parter: You need to make sure your application checks for updates PRIOR to running, and you need to set the minimum required version to your current build.

If you use Click Once as it was intended, it’s remarkably effective.

Knowing that most of you reading this article probably don’t use stuff “as intended” I’d like to offer you the benefit of my experience:1.

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