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Originally water-resistant to a depth of 200 metres, these latest models can withstand the pressure at depths of up to 1500 metres and feature an escape valve which allows helium (built up after long stays at depth) to be evacuated from the watch case which would otherwise explode when returning to the surface.: The origins of Bulova can be traced back to 1875 when Joseph Bulova (a 23 year old immigrant from Bohemia) opened a small jewellery store on Maiden Lane in New York City, USA. Around 1929, the company was sold once more to a group of new shareholders including the Swiss-American financier, Roland Gsell.By 1912, Bulova had begun manufacturing movement components in Switzerland. Just two years later, Bulova would begin development of the Accutron (see below). Buren appears to have had a rather colourful history: Founded in Switzerland in 1873, the company was bought in 1898 by H. In 1966, the company changed hands again, and was this time acquired by the Hamilton Watch Company (USA) with Hamilton transferring a good deal its production to Buren's Swiss premises.This particular watch I imagine was destined for the Middle Eastern market as it appears to have an Arabic day wheel.The Beach Star was produced between 19 as a concept to make a mass-produced, highly water-resistant, sports watch using a mechanical BFG movement and front-loading, Noryl-Fiber plastic/metal alloy case.

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At 44m wide it's quite a big watch and yet the case design with short, sloping lugs, suits even my slender : 1960's Breitling Datora, featuring a 45 minute chronograph with units per hour and pulsations scales.

Accounts suggest that such watches were more practical than wristwatches as they could be laid on the maps and charts from which the airmen were working and be more easily read at a glance. I haven't bought a watch for about a year and a half but, having spotted this on Amazon for crazy money I felt that it would be rude to not buy it!

Normally retailing at 200, Amazon are currently (Christmas 2013) selling this for 45. [UPDATE] Here's : Alpha watches are made in China to an impressively high standard given their modest price.

This is the date version of what was once the RAF issue pilots watch. The back of the watch bears the broad arrow mark and the numbers 6645-99 924-3306.

Although the date version was never actually issued to the military, it's otherwise identical to the official issue non-date version.: Probably from the 1960's, this CYMA CYMAFLEX has the original CYMA/Tavannes R458 shock protected movement and not the now very common ETA variety found in more modern examples.

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