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Watching the activities in the butchering tent leads them to an afternoon of carnal delight, followed by a repast of medium done portions of human cattle thigh and rump well covered with barbecue sauce, onions and mushrooms.

Eurytion Our story so far: In Chapter One: A New Project by Neuralmancer --- we meet Joey who lives on a human cattle ranch owned by his father.In Chapter Three: The Slaughtering by Eurytion --- we find Joey and Linda Sue on their way to Japan, reminiscing about their first Cannibal 4H fair.We meet Al Crenshaw, owner of Crenshaw Superior Meats who has bought Joey's blue ribbon-winning cow.In Chapter Nine: Patty's Lesson by Eurytion --- Another young girl learns a valuable lesson and Joey is given an idea for a new branch of the business.In Chapter Ten: Reaching Closure by Eurytion --- Although it's hard, Joey keeps his promise to Valerie.

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