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"We are overjoyed to have this incredible company back together," producers Nancy Nagel Gibbs and Greg Schaffert said in a joint statement."And we are very grateful that Christian Borle was, in the end, able to work around his commitments to the TV series 'Smash' so that he can reprise his role as Black Stache." Based on the novel by Dave Barry and Ridley Pearson, the play features a company of 12 actors playing more than 100 characters and telling the story of how Peter Pan became the boy who never grew up. Not really sure Why can't we leave things the way that they were? [EMMETT/ELLE] Here you'll become what you're supposed to be [ENSEMBLE] Supposed to be [EMMETT/ELLE] You think you can't, but you can [ENSEMBLE] Yes, you can [EMMETT/ELLE] Think of the guy you want most to be Here's your chance to make it [EMMETT/ELLE/ENSEMBLE] So take it like a man [ELLE] God, I love shopping for guys [EMMETT] Okay, this is strange [ELLE] Watching them change right before your eyes [EMMETT] Don't watch me change!

Penned by Rick Elice, the production will star "Smash" cast member Christian Borle, as well as Adam Chanler-Berat and Celia Keenan-Bolger, who appeared together off-Broadway in the show early last year.Many members of this dazzling cast skyrocketed to Broadway stardom after appearing in this show.The musical focuses on Woods, a sorority gal living in California who is unexpectedly dumped by her boyfriend Warner Huntington III (played by Richard H. He explains that he sees himself dating someone more “serious, less of a Marilyn more of a Jackie” (hi Smash) and Woods is left heartbroken.It's just sad to think that I won't be able to go to the Palace Theater to see them all at once! The reality is, there are very few shows that last this long on Broadway! "I stopped by last night and even though people were a bit melancholy I think everyone is very proud of the show and of each other.

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