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Jara August 01, 2017 MANILA: The influential Catholic Bishops Conference of the Philippines (CBCP) on Monday ordered the suspension of a 55-year-old parish priest, also the president of a Catholic-run college, who was arrested by the police for allegedly soliciting the services of a 13-year-old girl.

In a statement, the CBCP also announced in its website, it would conduct a separate but parallel investigation with the police on the case of Monsignor Arnel Lagarejos who was arrested on Friday by the police in suburban Marikina City in Metro in Manila in the company of the girl aboard a vehicle on their way to a motel.

Alexander traveled to Brazil in 2013 and plans to return again.

This time he’s captivated by an idea to visit remote Amazon areas to photograph indigenous people living in that hard to access region of the world.

Information about the The World In Faces photo project by Alexander Khimushin is spreading out throughout all the world. Here is one of the publications by mass media of India. Click on the photo below to visit Tillate and read the full story! It is great to see that there is so much interest recently from Latin America to The World In Faces photo project.

The most popular news website from Chile has recently approached Alexander Khimsuhin for interview and permission to use his photo portraits for a photo story. We are glad to acknowledge that photo portraits by Alexander Khimushin were published today by Al Watan – a popular newspaper from Kuwait!

You can read the full article by clicking on the image below. Alexander Khimushin is happy to collaborate with an American artist Catherine Di Napoli on an art project in Silicon Valley, California.First trial print for the project has been printed in New York and just arrived to California!Catherine Di Napoli is also a Hollywood writer, producer and actress known for The Architect (2016), (Untitled) (2009) and Bartleby (2001).Earlier, Lagarejos was likewise relieved of his post as the president of the Cainta Catholic College in the town of Cainta, Rizal province in Southern Luzon where he was the concurrent parish priest.Since January 2017 there were a lot of new publications about The World In Faces photo project by Alexander Khimushin all over the world. The photo below is a full page printed version of the interview.

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