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The woman whose picture he’d been shown was that of an entirely different person.He was heartbroken to find he had really fallen for no more than a mirage.Study findings indicate when shown pictures of their beloved, individuals have better pain tolerance.Hence, one can start to understand the strong attachment that can form from thousands of miles away through the exchange of repeated sentiments and promises of lifelong love with no more than a photo in hand.

Fortunately, the show’s narrator appears to have some counseling skills of his own, as he comforts the heartbroken, encourages dialogue and mediates the often unhappy fallout of these meetings.After all, they have elected a far less threatening mode of communication—one in which their physical presence is not required, and where there is a far greater sense of control in the relationship.They need not engage in conversational exchanges that require a certain facility and reciprocal dance.Though many have in fact found love and happiness online, shows the other side of the equation that is often left out.A common trait in the women on the show is a certain naivety if not innocence regarding these relationships.

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