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This was an award of the India Freedom Movement as late as 1944. We have the names of several members of the German General Staff, who worked alongside of Chandras Bose in these gallant efforts: Keppler, Nambiar, Werth, and Adalberft Seifrits, but the man who was directly assigned to the strict training of the Indian recruits was a lieutenant colonel name Krape. It is for sure that the highest order of the Azad Hind was not worn by many, if any, higher-ranking German officers. There is some slight scraping at the bottom of the canvas under the adjutant cord. The signature looks like "Emil Kase." Frame looks to be original.He was considered the German commander of the Indian Legion. Well, we have a mystery, but we also have a fine historically important original canvas of a German general.The Germans had the odd and peculiar custom of making up a roundel of wood decorated in the best of taste and artistic accomplishment and then using it as a target.The target then becomes the prize for the best shot in a contest of rifle or pistol shooting.Ich bin über 30 und wenn ich James Blunt höre weine ich..Songs sind einfach nur geil ! Erinnert mich immer an ein Mädel mit der ich nie zusammen war.

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Look at the huge order at the neck of his tunic and lo and behold you see the early form of the Azad Hind, the order presented to Indians who offered their services to the government of the Third Reich. The painting is well done of a very efficient and strict German officer (probably Prussian). The actual visible painting measures 19 x 23 inches.Often, .22-caliber rifles were used in these contests, but in this case and because of the very small holes evident, a parlor gun or Zimmershutzen was employed.A Herr Soldat Hoffmann was the Shutzenknig, or top contender, in a contest on July 2, 1939 (the eve of the Second World War).The title of this portfolio is "The Way of the Army Group von Kchler" in the West.It is in two separate folders-first volume and second volume. We noticed that there might be (one print) missing in 100 percent excellent condition. Here is a chance for some entrepreneur to publish this in book form.

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