Updating the internet

When you set a connection as metered, you’re telling Windows it’s a connection with restricted data—such as a mobile data connection or a Wi-FI hotspot from a smartphone you’re tethered to.

Windows won’t upload updates on a metered connection—it won’t even automatically download most Windows updates.

This isn’t necessary if you’ve already disabled peer-to-peer updates in general.

It will also prevent your Windows 10 PC from sharing updates with other computers on the same local network.

If Microsoft’s servers are being slammed, the distributed nature of the updates can ensure they reach more people faster.

This will also help Microsoft save on bandwidth bills, as they’re passing on some of the upload bandwidth they’d need to pay for to their customers’ Internet connections.

Activate the toggle under “Set as metered connection.” The current Wi-Fi network will become a metered connection.It hasn’t been confirmed, but Microsoft watchers believe Windows 10’s peer-to-peer downloads are based on this technology.As with Bit Torrent, Microsoft states “the download is broken down into smaller parts” and “Windows uses the fastest, most reliable download source for each part of the file.” In Bit Torrent parlance, Windows 10 is “seeding” updates on your PC’s Internet connection with the default setting.It was first released as a beta version for Microsoft Windows in 2008.As of January 2015, Stat Counter estimates that Google Chrome has a 51% worldwide usage share of web browsers as a desktop browser, it is also the most popular browser for smartphones.

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