Validating dropdownlist asp net

Visual Studio Express provides a free development tool that makes ASP.

NET MVC gives you a powerful, patterns-based way to build dynamic websites that enables a clean separation of concerns and that gives you full control over markup for enjoyable, agile development. NET MVC includes many features that enable fast, TDD-friendly development for creating sophisticated applications that use the latest web standards.

The client side validation is accomplished through the Client Validation Function property.

Adding View for Index Action Method Finally the output of the Homepage with the Roles Management link on it. So, let's replace tbl Course with Course, tbl Student with Student, tbl Students with Students and tbl Course with Course. For now just run the application and by default the Index action method will be invoked that will display the Index.shtml file. If we insert a new record: Click Create, you will be redirected to Index.cshtml and you will see Michael's record. Since this is auto-generated code, it will not be a good idea to make any changes here. If you look at the image below, you will see the class Student is a partial class. In the constructor of the Required Attribute class add a custom error message. Step 6To specify a gender, users need to input their gender. So, what we will do is to mark the Student Name property field read-only and we will also replace the gender Text Box field with a dropdownlist. So, now the Student Name field is read-only and Student Gender is now displayed in a dropdownlist control. In the preceding method, notice that the student object is receiving the posted form values. Select the entity name and press F2 to edit the entity name. A class divided into multiple files is called a Partial Class. But we want to replace this gender's text field with a dropdownlist and in the Course dropdownlist we want to display an optional label, “Select Course”, over an empty string. But let's say we don't want any gender to be displayed first but we want an optional label to be shown, “Select Gender”, and for that we can use another overloaded version of this Dropdown List HTML helper that expects an Optional label. The default model binder of MVC will harvest all the data and populate the student object with those values and then that data will be stored in the database. The regular expression is set in the Validation Expression property.The following table summarizes the commonly used syntax constructs for regular expressions: The Custom Validator control allows writing application specific custom validation routines for both the client side and the server side validation.

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