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"I don't believe it drives the outcome of success," he explains. He aspires to be a school superintendent and motivational speaker one day."I think kids are, and can be, successful no matter what teachers you put in front of them." He is an example of that. The things I learned and what it taught me prepared me well for the work that I do every day." The future educator later earned a 4.0 grade point average in graduate school, made the dean's list and is currently pursuing a Ph. He and Julie are raising their three daughters—Reagan, Rylee and Rayna—to aim high, too, despite any racial obstacles they may face in life.

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"She is, hands down, the most amazing educator I have ever met in my life," boasts Rainey. They met at a friend's birthday party when they were just sixteen. ' and then he came over and announced to everyone, ‘This is the girl I am going to marry,'" recalls Julie, who understandably avoided Rainey the rest of that night. Two kids from different parts of town: Julie grew up in Verona in a white, Catholic family; Rainey, a Black teen, hailed from Somerset Circle and Simpson Street, a section of Madison that he describes as pretty rough, and he was raised Pentecostal.

According to a recent report from the Pew Research Center, 6.3 percent of all marriages in 2013 were between spouses of different races, up from less than one percent in 1970."Madison is a very friendly place.

It's what brought us back here," Julie says, reflecting on the time when they moved to Milwaukee to start their careers after attending college together in Minnesota and getting married after graduation.

The study also revealed that Black third-graders in Dane County were less likely to be reading at proficiency levels than other Black third-graders throughout all of Wisconsin."As a principal, I look at what we can do to ensure that our kids are reading at that third-grade level," says Rainey.

"We really look at every kid and find out how we can make him or her the best that they can be."Rainey acknowledges that the teachers are predominantly white at Horizon Elementary.

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